Meet the Alpacas

What would the world be without alpacas?! We hate to even think of it. Each and every single alpaca in our care is special and unique. Each has their own personalities and quarks...and we love each and every one of them!

A lot of ranches will pick a theme when naming their animals and ours is no different. We pick our alpaca names from people in the Bible (as best as we can anyways! There are far fewer female names than male, so we have to get a little creative). 

Here is a little run down on just a few. 

 Black and white cria alpaca standing.


Timothy has a special place in my heart because of how much of a struggle he started life with! After he was born this year we noticed he had tight tendons in his front legs and loose ones in his ankles. To correct this we had to split his legs for several weeks (as you can see here he recovered 100%!). He also had lots of troubles nursing and bonding with his mama. Thankfully that is all behind him now and he is a spunky and healthy cria!

Close up of a brown and white alpaca nose

Maggie (aka Mary Magdalene)

Maggie was one of our original girls that we purchased when first starting this adventure. She is extremely sweet and gentle, and always up for treats and petting! 

white alpaca standing behind a bush in a green field


Abel was one of the very first crias we had born at the ranch! He has definitely grown into a leader of the herd and makes himself known. He has a beautiful pure white (except for 1 tiny brown spot) that is a pure dream to spin yarn with. 

close up of a white alpaca in the snow


I would be lying if I said I didn't have any favorite alpacas...this guy is definitely in the top 3. I have never meet a more curious and easy going alpaca. He loves to come up and just stand near when we are working in the pens, and always has to check out whatever we are doing. 

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