5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Hand Knits

Start the spring season off right by making sure your treasured items are tucked away safely for the coming months ahead. Storing hand knits properly decreases your chance of developing the dreaded fiber moths, and ensures they will last for years to come. Keep reading for some of my favorite tips for cleaning and organizing your knits. 

Tip #1: Give everything a good washing.

One of the reasons I love natural fibers so much is that they are naturally anti-microbial, and odor resistant...which means they don't need to be washed every time you wear them! But that is not to say they don't need a good washing every now and then, and before storing them is the perfect time to give them a good soak. Have a washing day and hand wash all those knits at once to save some time and water. Not only will your items be nice and clean to put away, it will also help you to see everything you have when you get to tips #2 and #3. 

Additionally, clothing moths are more drawn to unwashed items than clean ones!

Tip #2: Put aside any items that need mending, and actually mend them!

I am the worst about this. I have a drawer full of socks that need mending, and they never seem to the attention they deserve! Take the time now to mend any holes, snags, etc so they are ready to wear the next time you need them. There's no worse feeling that going to put on a sock only to discover a large hole in the toe. 

Not the best at mending? Try out a darning loom

Tip #3: Go through and decided if there is anything you no longer want to keep, and donate it.

To quote Shakespeare, "Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow." Letting go of something you put so much effort, money, thought and time into can be hard! But maybe you don't like to wear the color it's made from anymore. Or maybe it never quite fit you right, but you made it so you felt you had to keep it. I am here to give you permission to let it go! It's ok to not keep your hand knits! Find a good organization who will give it another life, and pass it along to someone who will treasure it. 

Tip #4: Evaluate your storage situation. 

Have you just been shoving all your socks in a box in your closet? Or are all your sweaters in a heap under your bed? Maybe this is the year to give them a proper home! One of my favorite ways to store hand knit garments and accessories is folded nicely and placed in vacuum seal bags. I then store all the bags in bins under my bed. This keeps them nice and tidy for when I need them, but also protects against moths as well. 

Tip #5: Decide any gaps you might have in your wardrobe and make a plan!

This is my favorite tip of all! While you have been looking at your items, is there something you have been missing? Maybe you have always wanted a color work sweater? Or a brioche shawl? Start making a plan to craft one now for next year! 

There you have it! 5 of my top tips for giving your hand knits a good tidy for Spring!